Noordzeekanaal vanuit NDSM en Cornelis Douwesterrein
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Port of Amsterdam

Mission H2 and TeamNL give positive energy to the energy transition. Specifically, the aim of the mission is, together with the government and a large number of Dutch companies, to have realised a mini-chain by the summer of 2024, during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, leading to a fully functioning hydrogen market by 2030. Read more about the role and vision of Port of Amsterdam below.

In the Port of Amsterdam, we are making the case for green hydrogen. We are focusing on the import, production and use of hydrogen, and working with partners on infrastructure to provide hydrogen to industry, the region and the city. The goal is to do this with only green hydrogen: hydrogen made with renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar power.

Import and storage

The demand for hydrogen in the Netherlands will soon exceed what we can produce green hydrogen here. That is why we are working with H2A - a consortium of local parties from the port and international partners - to set up a 100% green value chain. For transport by ship, storage and transshipment, and distribution of hydrogen. We have also started the EOS project, in which, together with Zenith Energy, we are investigating the possibilities for importing highly refrigerated (cryogenic) hydrogen.


As an energy port, we want to have the infrastructure and capacity to transport and store hydrogen, providing hydrogen to industry and the region. Think pipelines underground and storage tanks above ground. For example, we are working together with Gasunie's subsidiary Hynetwork Services, the state and governments in the region, on a regional hydrogen infrastructure, running from IJmuiden to the port area of Amsterdam via the national hydrogen network. In time, the intention is to build a more finely-meshed port network to allow individual companies to connect directly to the hydrogen network. Read more about the hydrogen infrastructure here.


We recently launched the H2era project with HyCC. With H2era we are exploring the establishment of a 500 megawatt green hydrogen plant in the port. So far the largest in the Netherlands. The intention is to have the plant ready by 2027. Vattenfall also wants to build a new hydrogen production plant as part of its plans for the Hemweg site.

Noordzeekanaal vanuit NDSM en Cornelis Douwesterrein
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