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Mission H2 and TeamNL give positive energy to the energy transition. Specifically, the aim of the mission is, together with the government and a large number of Dutch companies, to have realised a mini-chain by the summer of 2024, during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, leading to a fully functioning hydrogen market by 2030. Read more about the role and vision of Gasunie below.

We believe that hydrogen will play a major role as the energy carrier of the future. Hydrogen can be transported across our infrastructure and stored efficiently. Hydrogen is well suited for use as a feedstock, as a fuel for industry and transport. It is also easy to store in large quantities. Gasunie can have the national infrastructure for the use of hydrogen as a replacement for fossil fuel in place as early as 2030.

Gasunie wants to develop the hydrogen economy and invest in hydrogen projects together with partners. Working together, we can develop the hydrogen market and stimulate supply and demand. Only in this way will hydrogen eventually become just as affordable as sustainable gas and sustainable electricity.

Gasunie hero
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